The Great RobsonsWorld Baggage Reclaim

If you would like to help us with our channel, you now have the chance to go in for some MONTHLY MEMORABILIA from Alan’s travels across the World making specials.
You play such a big part in growing this incredible library, we sincerely want to thank you for all you do.
You can get:
  • 1 entry for 50p
  • 5 for £2.00
  • 10 for £3.50
All of your entries will be given an individual number, and on the first day of each month four of you will have your numbers selected by a random number generator!
Five of you good people will receive a prize each, and the sixth will be getting the naffest collectable Alan could find on his trip. The journeys worst lump of memorabilia!

This month, Alan gathered a few collectables travelling to Amsterdam and the Netherlands recording shows, and features for Robson’s World.

A METALLIC HOLLAND WINDMILL FRIDGE MAGNET:  Bought from a tourist shop near De Oude Kerk, on the edge of the red light district.
A NETHERLANDS BADGE & A BALL KEY RING:  Featuring the continent of Europe from space. Bought in a ‘specialist’ cafe called ‘The Otherside’ Coffee Shop.
When it was boxed, it still had the fragrance of ‘Eu de Skunk!’
A good few of you asked for pin badges so here is one from Schiphol Airport from a shop called ‘Dutch Discoveries’ not far from GATE 26, where the flight back to Newcastle left from.
A wonderful little collectable spotted at ‘The Buddha Tourist Shop’ next to more of those ‘coffee shops’.
There were a lot of people during this trip, flying on a higher ‘astral’ plain!
Picked up at a gift shop in between the Ann frank House and her monument. 
The city is a fabulous place to visit, laid back, cool and oozing with torture museums, sites of murders, executions and betrayals. No wonder Alan has spent so much time there!
THE YUKETY YUK (Don’t Say F***!)
Our horrific and utterly useless collectable, which will remain a surprise until we announce the winner!
So get your tickets now!
Winners (and the unlucky loser of the mystery item!) will be announced on the 1st of every month along with the brand new items up for grabs that month.
If you are one of our overseas supporters, you can play too. We will be more than happy to send your prize to wherever you are!
If you are not lucky this time around, know how grateful we are for your support, and we hope you will try again next month, for even more cool collectables coming out of Alan’s Baggage Reclaim!
Many thanks for your love and support, good luck!

Here’s one of several specials Alan recorded while he was in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam, one of the greatest cities on earth, with some of the darkest secrets.
Hear the incredible true stories of people like you and I, becoming killers, bombers, assassins and risking the deaths of everyone you know.
The two sisters, aged 14 and 16, who killed over 300 Nazis!
The hidden church in an attic, used to save the Jews. Then a full special over 3 hours long telling the full, disturbing story of Anne Frank.
We visit the place where her ghost is most regularly seen.
A special about love, compassion and a valiant, vicious resistance!

Duration: 6 hours 5 minutes