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I’m very fortunate to have been paid to talk for a living for more than four decades, both on radio and on TV in the UK and the States.

I’ve also really enjoyed writing and presenting some award winning commercials over the years as well.

If you’d like to book me for your next project or for a speaking event I’d love to hear from you. Fill out the form here at Robson’s World and I’ll get straight back to you.

Alan Robson


Over the years Alan has worked with advertisers to promote their businesses, winning his very first ever radio award performing an advert as a club singer. From there Pennine Windows realised the benefit of having the endorsement of ‘the champion of the North’ Alan Robson featured in their commercials. In fact part of his arrangement was that should anyone have an issue with their work, that it must be put right immediately. Subsequently Pennine sold millions of pounds worth of windows during the years that he represented them.
Nationally Alan’s unique voice became known for the catchphrase “It’s The One You’ve Got To Come Back for’ for McEwan’s Scotch.
Internationally his voice has featured on adverts in France, Germany and recently Spain.
If you would like an advert for your business written or performed by Alan, just let us know the message you want to send, the things that you wish to mention and leave the rest to us.


Who would know more about radio advertising than Alan who has over 40 years of award winning experience? Having won all of the biggest radio accolades including the Radio Academy Hall of Fame’, 5 New York Radio Awards and an MBE from the Queen for his services to broadcasting, there is no doubt he provide something innovative. The recording will be done by another award winner Neil Jackson of Media Arts.


Alan who hosted a huge range of television shows for Tyne Tees Television, Yorkshire Television, Granada, BBC 1 and BBC 2. He also hosted three series of the massive hit TV show in the US ‘SCARIEST PLACES ON EARTH’ with Exorcist star Linda Blair for 20th Century Fox, The Sci-Fi Network and ABC. If you would like Alan to write, present or produce your ad, let us know your requirements and we can provide a commercial of broadcast standard.
All filming carried out by Neil Jackson of Media Arts.


If you want an advert prepared for the press without their high prices for doing it ‘in house’, we can provide the wording and pictures of your choice. We can also design flyers, business cards, posters etc.

Hire Alan Robson

Over the years Radio and Television Celebrity Alan Robson has travelled the globe seeking out the strange, mysterious and ghostly. You can hear his incredible forays into the phantasmagorical right here on, whether it is his flying over the Nazca Lines in Peru, flying into a storm in the Bermuda Triangle, visiting the place where Rasputin was finally murdered, visiting Berlin in the footsteps of Hitler, walking the route that Jack The Ripper took or perhaps visiting a haunted or grisly place near you. Qualifying as an exorcist in 2000, as you can imagine he has many incredible stories to tell.  He has also hosted gigs for the likes of Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Queen, Tina Turner, Bryan Adams, Guns’n’ Roses, Simply Red, Bob Dylan and a number of years working at the Hell Blues Festival in Norway, where they gave him an award as ‘Ambassador Of Hell’.
Having interviewed everyone from Jimmy Savile to Margaret Thatcher, Arthur Scargill to the man who shot Pablo Escobar and every music, TV and movie star from Ant & Dec to Charlton Heston he is certainly not short of amazing tales to tell.
Alan travelled across America on a lecture tour of Universities to tremendous acclaim, and is happy to visit your organisation and speak.
If you would be interested in organising something please complete the box below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.
Alan is also available for personal coaching to any broadcasters or those seeking a career in radio.

Dream Interpretations

If you have a regular vivid dream and you would like to know what it means, Alan regularly featured interpretations on his radio shows to incredible success. If you are wrestling with a problem, or maybe you just get the same dream over and over again, that is your mind telling you symbolically what you need to do. So therefore it can never be wrong. Over the years Alan gathered the ways that Native Americans interpreted dreams, the ways that the indigenous Maori and Aborigine tribesmen ‘read’ their dreams, spent time discovering how the Shamanic tribes of Eastern Europe did it too. Adding in Western meanings and compiling it all together, so that you have the very best chance of an accurate reading.
All you need to do is write, in detail, what the dream is, whether it is in colour or black and white, and what your current situation is. If you are involved in a problematic situation with your work, your life, your family or relationships let us know, and Alan will do a thorough read just for you. Totally private and confidential.
Alan says “A lot of people think that dream interpretations are like telling the future, they’re actually not. The reading is what your mind KNOWS what you need to do, and sends that message back to you in a dream. Your mind already knowing all of the life situations that you are in. So you need to know everything that is going on. Once you do you can give a reading that was sent by your own psyche, and is relevant and put into perspective!”
So make sure you send as much information as you can and Alan will be happy to give you a thorough reading.
Please note, each reading will be done sincerely, but can only give you its meaning, whether it is good or bad.
Cost: £30.

Media Arts

Media Arts specialise in high-quality video production and digital content creation from a base just a short distance from both Newcastle upon Tyne and Durham.
With a long standing creative partnership with Alan Robson they have a strong reputation for creative originality and provide an innovative and value driven production service to clients across the UK.
Media Arts work with passion at every stage, from developing an initial concept, storyboarding, filming, editing, post-production right through to delivery.

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