I was told a long convoluted story about a classical composers curse, that led me to my comedy heroes Monty Pythons Flying Circus.
So here is me following the teams trek across Scotland, from the Isle of Skye to Doune Castle.
Discover their secrets, their opinions and discover which team member killed someone!
Which Python appeared in Home & Away, and who was in the 2012 Olympics?.
Which Python star appeared in ‘The Saint’, ‘The Avengers’ and many more.
A homage to some of the greatest comedy EVER!
We even find out who threatened to kill & stuff his own Mother!
Got to grab this gem.

Duration: 4 hours 14 minutes

Alan travels off to Scotland’s Western Isles, where the oldest standing stones on Earth are. A magical, mystical land of myths, legends and bloody murder.
Blue men, possibly aliens, swam the seas there, vikings and pirates sailed into the harbours, and killers roamed free.
Plus tales of two of Scotland’s sickest serial killers, all served on a mixture of Scottish charm and chills!
Untold stories, gathered with love, and delivered by one of our greatest ever story tellers!

Duration: 3 hours 44 minutes

When you all download an adventure from Robsonsworld.com you are travelling with Alan, usually to incredible places all over the planet.
Now Alan always brings back a memento of some kind, a fridge magnet, a chain to hang from his car mirror or end of his bed, a bit of jewellery, cap, T.shirt or something random from the place he has visited.
Whilst Alan had a few days in Ireland making fresh content for Robson’s World he collected some more baggage for you to reclaim.
These are for you. So as a way to help support Robsonsworld.com and keep the amazing shows coming, we are running a monthly raffle.
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