Listen To The Banned: The Music THEY Didn’t Want You To Hear

Alan Robson goes back into history to catalogue all the music that caused outrage across the years.
Starting at Abbey Road, a mammoth 5 hour trip into all the reasons that the media used when they tried to stop you have freedom of music.
Some of the songs banned will amaze you, others really won’t.
Sex, drugs, war and utter ignorance as morons dictate what we can hear and what we can’t!
A MUST for any music fan.

Duration: 5 hours 28 minutes.

Mysteries Of The Wild And Bloody West

What links Custer to 9/11?
What links Calamity Jane to Jesse James and General George Armstrong Custer?
Amazing true stories, told recorded LIVE from Dead Man’s Hill!
Some of the Wild West’s greatest characters brought to life, through massacre’s, brutality and death.

Duration: 2 hours 24 minutes.

Robson’s Choice: January 2023 Bundle

Each month there will be the chance to grab a bargain bundle of shows, on special offer, available for just one month!
This month we have more than 7 hours of content for you:

Angels Of Auschwitz, just released.
Hostel: The Site Of Ethnic Cleansing
Back To Black: Return To Killhope

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