Over the last few years we have hosted a legendary bus tour around the North, and more recently a hugely successful walking tour of lower Newcastle Upon Tyne. The very best thing about them was the chance to meet up with you, hear your stories and be able to answer the ton’s of questions that you have never had a chance to ask, and getting photographs, autographs, books signed etc, like a real meet and greet with a personal touch!
Alan Robson
We are proud to announce that we will be starting to offer private, customised tours for up to four people, each one lasting up to 2 hours.
Walking around pointing out all of the ghostly and grisly sites, telling the places unique history, hearing of it’s myths, legends and fascinating buildings.
Each one totally different and I’ll guide you every step of the way, so you will see a varied range of incredible and unmissable sites.
This area of ours has an amazing Pagan background, then Roman rule, The Vikings, the Norman Conquest, Border Reivers, William Wallace, The Jacobite’s, The Witch Finders, the Wartime North,  fires, floods, massacres and mayhem.
I’ll do my best to give you a real feeling for the wild North, it’s people, it’s places and every inch fought over and defended. I do warn you that many of the tales are graphic and full frontal, with horrific and disgusting punishments, as torture and mutilation was commonplace.
Tours can take place during the day or early evening to suit. Each walk will be a private and personal VIP experience with only your party of up to four people!

Historic and ghostly sites including The Quayside, The Castle and much more for up to four people!

The hanged witches, the survivor of the plague pits, decapitation at the Hoppings and much more, for up to four people!

More places will become available in time, or by personal request.
So if you or your family and friends would like to have a unique private and personal tour with me, let me know which tour and roughly when, and we will endeavour to make it happen! Remember each tour has a maximum of four people, so each one is a totally individual experience.
Both tours include a premium download for each person and each tour will last around two hours.

*Weather Permitting.

*Fee does not include entrance fees, food nor drink.

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