The Bone Cathedral: In Search Of A Vampyr



Two entire trips brought together, and yet linking perfectly. Alan visits the home of the murderous Black Widow, The Wolfman and The Vampire Of Bucharest, in the Romanian Capital.
Yet whilst there, tells the story of one of the nations most famous and favourite psychopath’s VLAD DRACULE THE IMPALER!
There has always been a mystery since the 1400’s, and Alan headed off to solve it, and solve it he does.
The second part is a 3 hour grisly trail of Prague,in the Czech Republic,  followed by a visit to Kutna Hora, a Cathedral made out of hundreds of thousands of human bones.
Alan and his mate Kenny D get up to all sorts, whilst being scared out of their minds!
This is beyond tremendous. A new double show, at one of the world’s scariest places!
Duration: 4 hours 41 minutes