Fagarass – Fortress Of Countess Bathory



As part of Alan Robson’s trip to Transylvannia, this show picks up immediately following an event which nearly cost Alan his life during the second night of his trip. Alan travelled to the Carpathian Mountains, deep in the wilderness where he headed into a forest where over 500 members of the Turkish army were impaled, and left there by Vlad Dracul ‘The Impaler’. Far into the forest there is a cemetery and mausoleum that Alan intended to find…as he fought his way through the dense overgrowth a pack of wild dogs descended on Alan’s location. It was there that Alan had to flee for fear of his life.
This program, the third night, picks up the following night where Alan’s next adventure lay…the Fortress of Countess Bathory, Fagarass.

Total duration: 3 hours 43 minutes.

Music featured in this download:
Rob Dougan – Clubbed To Death
Rob Dougan – Speed Me Towards Death
Rob Dougan – Will You Follow Me?
Rob Dougan – Furious Angels
Rob Dougan – Left Me For Dead (Instrumental)
(All taken from the album ‘Furious Angels’, Sony BMG / Cheeky Records, 2002)
Puff Daddy feat Jimmy Page – Come With Me (from the album ‘Godzilla – The Album’, 1998, David Arnold, Epic Records)

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