The Funniest Songs Of All Time **OVER 5.5 HOURS**




As a young lad I LOVED the variety in our charts, especially how comedy songs would appear from time to time.
The charts had all sorts, Scottish Pipe Bands, children’s choirs, rock, reggae, jazz, funk, birds…there were no boundaries.
Sadly the world has changed so Alan wades into the funniest songs of all time, including some of his classics like ‘Soapy Finger’ and ‘Stinky Houses’.
Add to that some of the most embarrassing songs by superstars, this is a wonderful,  mixed and mad, bag
Talking to Dave Spikey from Phoenix Nights, Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown, Ade Edmondson and many more whilst having a right laugh!
This is total entertainment, and the kind of listen you can only get right here!

Duration: 5 hours 39 minutes