Live Exorcism



Alan journeys to the outskirts of Durham to a house with a violent poltergeist. The lady who owns the house no longer lives there due to events that have taken place. In this show you can hear Alan performing an exorcism of the property, captured on audio for the very first time ever. You also get to take part in experiments yourself to see spirit in your own home…and hear captured real voices of the dead…
Total duration: 3 hours 50 minutes.

Music featured in this download:
Marilyn Manson – Seizure Of Power – Resident Evil Official Soundtrack (Roadrunner Records, 2002)
The Chemical Brothers – Come With Us (from the album ‘Come With Us’, 2002, Virgin Records)
Puff Daddy feat Jimmy Page – Come With Me (from the album ‘Godzilla – The Album’, 1998, David Arnold, Epic Records)