Prey Of The Puca: The Great Irish Ghost Hunts **Over 5 HOURS**



Having regularly toured the darkest and most terrifying places across all of Ireland, Alan gathers some of the very best.
Meet ‘the Bleeding Nun’, visit ‘Red Mary and her 24 murdered husbands, walk the most haunted cemetery in Ireland and chat with one of Irelands biggest music stars.
Two Castle ghost hunts and one in a desecrated ruin said to have its own poltergeist. You will hear the dead!
Did Dracula’s Bram Stoker actually get inspired to write the book because of Irelands own vampire?
This is one huge adventure, looking for them preyed on by the Puca, Irish ghosts!
One of our longest collections yet, and one phenomenal listen!

Duration: 5 hours 22 minutes