How You Died In Your Previous Life: Regression Special




Do you think you’ve been here before? Do you ever have a vivid dream – or feeling that you’ve lived a previous life? Alan has regressed many people over the years, taking people through a vivid memory, or past experience that has somehow impacted their time in this life. Alan takes them right up to the moment where they pass away. Incredibly, they’re all able to relay the exact moment they die…with startling consistency. These moments will truly be the most incredible pieces of audio you can hear. This download features Alan’s regressions, the stories of famous people’s beliefs…and most fascinating of all, the journey of a man who could not walk through the gates of Chillingham Castle. To the point where he’d be in tears at the gates. He had no idea where these feelings and emotions were coming from. Alan regressed this completely grounded individual to find out the compelling reason why…
Duration: 3 hours 23 minutes.
Music in this upload includes:
Rob Dougan – Clubbed To Death (from the album ‘Furious Angels’, Sony BMG / Cheeky Records, 2002)
Rob Dougan – Born Yesterday
Sharleen Spiteri – The Windmills Of Your Mind (from the album ‘The Movie Songbook’, EMI Records, 2010)